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Allow us to tell you a little about how we operate so you can learn a little more.

How Direct Express Support Works

Direct Express Support is an independent, private business dedicated to helping all Direct Express card holders with their questions about their accounts.

While we are not affiliated in any way with US Direct Express or the government, we’ve had years of experience helping Direct Express cardholders answer some of their questions as it relates to how their card works, how to gain information about their card, and so forth.

So you can definitely trust us to help =).

How We Can Help!

Since we are not associated with the US Federal Government or Direct Express directly, we are not directly compensated for any of the useful information you learn about your Direct Express card.

So how are we paid for our time?

In exchange for helping you answer your Direct Express questions, we’d like to offer you additional help with benefits you may be eligible for but are unaware.

As licensed insurance professionals, we have a deep understanding of many benefits specifically available for disabled or retired people.

And as a Direct Express card holder, you’re most likely in one of those two situations. And, in our experience, most likely there are important benefits you’re eligible for you’re simply unaware of.

So, in exchange for helping you with your Direct Express questions, we’d like to assist you in uncovering those potential money-saving benefits, too!

For example, we commonly help people with the following:

  • Getting access to quality Medicare coverage (many times you pay a ZERO premium)
  • Reducing – even ELIMINATING – prescription medication expenses.
  • Stopping your Part B monthly premium, saving you over $140 A MONTH.
  • Finding affordable final expense life insurance to cover burial and cremation costs
  • Helping you qualify for your state’s Medicaid program
  • Showing you how to start food stamp benefits to reduce your expenses
  • Helping you apply for senior housing so you can enjoy a safe and secure community oriented towards those on fixed incomes.
  • And more!

This free information and help we provide costs you nothing! And we are only compensated by the insurance companies in those situations where we help you with your health or life insurance needs.

If you’d our help, simply click here right now and submit your information. One of our friendly reps will follow up within the next 24 to 48 hours.

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